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Media Releases from 2024

Broken Hill - Say Goodbye to Financial Stress this year: 3 Good Money Habits to Form in 2024.

For the first month of 2024 Lifeline has been focusing on forming good habits to promote positive mental health this year. Lifeline Connect’s Financial Counsellor, Prue Quelch, shares her top 3 good money habits to reduce financial stress and improve mental health and wellbeing in 2024.

Podcasts from 2022

Lifeline Connect - Clare.

Annabelle Homer - Featuring Lorna Woodward, director of Regional Connect Centres, and volunteers Dwayne Menzies and Hilary Adlam. Get an insight into the important role of Lifeline Connect and how it's making a difference to the lives of regional people across the mid north and beyond.

Media Articles from 2022

Media Articles from 2021

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