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How's Ya Mate?

Lifeline Regional SA

& Far West NSW

Lifeline Services

A list of the services available in your region.

Connecting you to local support.

Face-to-face (in Broken Hill), video and phone counselling available

Lifeline’s Counsellors are a group of caring and well-trained professionals, providing a free and much needed service to the community.

We’ve Got Your Back is a face-to-face, peer mental health and wellbeing support program in Far West NSW & North-East SA.

Lifeline Training

Lifeline offers a range of
face-to-face and online
training courses.

Abstract Background

REACH is designed for community to engage with suicide awareness training in an accessible timeframe. 

DV-Alert builds the knowledge and capacity of community frontline workers to provide appropriate support to women and children in Australia through a range of workshops.

The SafeTALK program alerts community members to signs that a person may be considering suicide.

Accidental Counselling teaches participants to respond appropriately, efficiently and effectively to people in crisis or distress when there may not be a professional immediately available.

Lifeline Counselling

How's Ya Mate?

How’s Ya Mate is a mental health and wellbeing program designed to reduce the risk of suicide.


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